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24 All-Size Coffin Press on Nails

24 All-Size Coffin Press on Nails

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Nail design

Get 24 all-size long-lasting press-on nails.

Discover the perfect blend of artistry and durability with our press-on nails, designed by talented artists. This collection offers a variety of styles to match your unique aesthetic. Made with long-lasting jelly gel, our press-on nails ensure you enjoy beautiful, vibrant nails for longer. Explore Catoonizer's exclusive designs and let your nails make a statement!

Easy to Wear - Put them on or take them off, anytime you want.

The glue keeps the press-on nails secure for up to 20 days, while the jelly gel lets you put them on and take them off whenever you want.

Natural Materials – Crafted with organic and natural components.

Catoonizer’s press-on nails are crafted from high-quality resins, ensuring durability and a perfect fit. Each set is uniquely adorned with hand-drawn or hand-applied decorations by our talented artists, making every nail a work of art. Not only do our press-on nails offer long-lasting beauty, but they are also eco-friendly, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.


Press-on Nails x24 (2 Different Sizes)
Glue x1
Jelly Gel x1
Nail File x1
Manicure Stick x1
Alcohol Pad x1

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