About Us

Hi! I was a 28-year-old guy with a 9-to-6 job. Every day was the same in my life until I found this lovely figurine in 2018 when I struggled with finding a gift for my 1st anniversary with my girlfriend Nesli. We all know how difficult it is to come up with an impressive, creative, and romantic gift for our beloved. After spending days and nights searching on the internet, I found this custom clay figurine handmade by an artist whom I later decided to work with!

Imagine how your beloved would react when they see the cartoon version of themselves. My girlfriend was so surprised! And you know girls can't refuse cute stuff.

Now as a brand, Catoonizer (the typo is on purpose) helps you customize a figurine using polymer clay based on whatever photo you provide (the more photos the better). What if you can’t provide the details that are not included in the photo? Don’t worry. We can improvise based on the given photo with pleasure. And we will send you photos of the unfinished figurine along the way to make sure you get what you expected!

Our figurines are usually purchased as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.

You may simply follow the steps below to make your order. We can’t wait to share our joy with you!