Nendoroid Doll Including a Custom Head and a Body and an Outfit

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Get a poseable, dressable, and durable doll.

Catoonizer's Nendoroid is an exquisite doll with a custom polymer clay head, a YMY body, and an outfit. It's more robust and more durable than polymer clay figurines. The best part about the Nendoroid is that you can change the outfit from thousands of options you can purchase in the marketplace. So you will never get bored with your dolls.

Our shoppers love the cartoon style and the quality of our Nendoroids. You can quickly tell by checking the repetitive purchases that we have got on Etsy!

Get a custom doll. This easy.

We help people turn their favorite characters into tangible dolls (Nendoroids) in the sweetest way possible. All we need is a picture or two from you. Our dolls were usually based on paintings created by our shoppers.

Every doll is made from our hearts.

At Catoonizer, we work with talented artists who love the art of handcrafting, which means you are working with real humans instead of machines when making a Nendoroid with us. The pictures above are the work of You Jie in 2022. She is one of our best artists and our best friend! She always finds the best way to improve her work while making every shopper we work with satisfied with their dolls.


Height: 5" to 6" (13 cm to 16 cm)
Weight: 0.08 Pounds (0.04 kg)
Production Time: 10 Days
Shipping Time: 15 Days


1. Please let us know how you would like to have the doll made before the purchase.
2. Stay in touch with us via in-store chat or email. Up to 3 modifications are available.


Please note that every Nendoroid head is handcrafted, meaning the hair and faceplate, so it takes around 10 days for us to craft one. And it might take longer than usual if there are too many requests. We will keep in touch with you, and we are always here for any questions you may have.

1. Please send us at least one photo to illustrate the front and the back of your expected Nendoroid head or outfit during the purchase.

2. Please keep communicating with us while your Nendoroid is being made, which might take several times of confirmations to make sure you get what you expected.

3. When you confirm the Nendoroid head or outfit, you should expect to receive the package in 15 days.